Meeting Molly in Bangkok

March 17, 2018 | 2 Minute Read

Sometimes it feels like there are forces in the universe that align so perfectly you’d swear there’s no way it was all happenstance.

That’s how it felt this past weekend as I transcended between altered states during an EDM event in Bangkok. The event was never on my radar but through chance (and it was highly improbable), I was invited to one of the most jaw-dropping EDM event I’ve ever been to.

Transmission Bangkok debuted in 2017 and made its return this year. The theme this year was “The Spirit of the Warrior.” I soon learned just how significant the theme would play during my experience. I had no expectations as I don’t normally listen to this music, but I figured with it being March and close to my departure date, it felt like good timing to send myself off with a bang.

And it was.


My friend told me to meet at the BITEC stadium in Bangkok at 6pm. When I arrived, I was a bit disoriented as it was a huge stadium with multiple entrances. I followed their instruction and found my way to the group. It was a large group. I immediately felt awkward to be among strangers, in a strange land, at a strange event. The thought of myself soon taking the supplements among this uncomfortable situation made me apprehensive. But, fortune favours the brave (famous last words) and I put aside my moment of hesitancy and dove head first into the wild side.

I remember the experience very clearly. If you can imagine the last time you were excessively tired and had the good fortune of being able to jump into a comfortable bed and immediately pass out, that brief moment of euphoric fulfillment is the feeling. But instead of being a brief moment, I was able to teeter between that feeling over and over again for next few hours.

And then if that wasn’t blissful enough, the visuals from the grand stage and the perfect arrangement of tones (it’s truly perfect in that state) were able to add extra guidance to my thoughts and feelings. I enjoyed the spectacle and danced myself fully, but I was also able to have another dimension of introspection. I audited my troubles up to this point. All my fears, my doubts, my longings.. they were all put into perspective. Things that seemed big were made very small and things that were actually important were emphasized.

The event ended at 2 am but, like a responsible adult, I left early at 12 am. It felt like the right time as I fully enjoyed the event and was able to get some perspective. I walked away from the event satisfied and truly grateful for being invited to something that was only possible through the alignment of events so unlikely I swear it was fate.