Scooter Babes

April 03, 2018 | 0 Minute Read

There’s something uniquely sexy about women in scooters.

Perhaps it’s my extended stay in Vietnam. Perhaps it’s the extended dry spell. Or perhaps it’s the fact that most of them have half their faces covered so it’s basically just an imaginary ideal.

In either case, the competency of movement combined with the skimpy year-round clothing and ferocity of focus in their eyes make a strong case for attraction.

I just came to this realization about a week or two ago as I found myself noticing more and more girls on scooters lol! The truth is that Vietnamese girls have beautiful eyes. Among the Asian countries, South East Asia blows away the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans in terms of eye beauty. There’s a fullness within the folds that enhances their character. The other countries mentioned usually don’t have the folds so there’s a more stern expression. Am I generalizing? Most definitely! But, that’s my perspective.

Scooter Babes

There’s hotness somewhere in that chaos.