Stomach Blues in Tokyo

March 03, 2018 | 2 Minute Read

I’m currently in Tokyo. I managed to rent out a centralized apartment from AirBNB for a relatively good deal and I’m happy with my location. However, the stories of shoebox living in a place as densely populated as Tokyo is all true. I’m currently living in a ~1.5M x ~2M studio, and this includes a fridge, kitchenette, full length mirror, vacuum cleaner, double bed, and a desk – it’s not ideal but hey, it works. The washroom is something similar to an airplane washroom, just not as grosss and has a bath tub. I’m very impressed by their economical sense. I thought Ho Chi Minh City, which looks way more dense in population, had tiny apartments, but this is another level. But hey, it’s clean, centralized and the price is right – $40 a night. Not cheap but considering a capsule hotel is around $60 it’s great.

I’ve contracted a stomach bug just a couple of days before arriving in Tokyo. As I’m writing this, I’m still infested with the thing and it’s been a very torturous few days battling with nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea. Prior to all of this I contracted flu like symptoms as well so it’s definitely something big. It’s been very difficult to think these past few days due to the extreme dehydration.

I had to make a journey from Saigon to Tokyo, which included a 2h layover in Maylaysia and a 2h transportation train ride from the airport to my apartment. I’m extremely grateful it all worked out and my Imodium held up long enough for me to get to the apartment as I detest airplane bathrooms so, so much. I was also extremely fatigued so I slept through most of the plane ride – Malaysia, to my surprise has a thing against water. I’m only joking but during my walk from the airplane to my transfer gate, I didn’t see a single stall or vending machine offering water, something I desperately needed at the time. I was pissed.

For that long duration, I didn’t have to pee much at all, which was alarming. And when I finally did go, it was difficult and almost neon orange in colour. Yep, extreme, dangerous dehydration. Anyway, I’ve been recovering and kind of wasting my Tokyo trip for the past couple of days – oh well, it can’t be helped. I’m starting to finally feel like I’m recovering a bit but I think I may need 1 or 2 more days. I’m hopeful that’s not true and I’ll be 90%+ by tomorrow.

Will try to update with my initial reactions, as those are my favourite types of blogs as soon as I’m recovered.