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  • March 26, 2018

    Sleepless in Chiang Mai

    When I told people I was going to be traveling for the better part of six months, everyone responded with how envious they were of my good fortune. It’s true that it’s unusual to be able to get away like this, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity, but solo traveling is not always glorious. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of my trip thus far has been surreal, and the experiences I’ve encountered will bring me stories and memories to last a lifetime, but sometimes the loneliness really eats into your psyche.

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  • March 17, 2018

    Meeting Molly in Bangkok

    Sometimes it feels like there are forces in the universe that align so perfectly you’d swear there’s no way it was all happenstance.

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  • March 03, 2018

    Stomach Blues in Tokyo

    I’m currently in Tokyo. I managed to rent out a centralized apartment from AirBNB for a relatively good deal and I’m happy with my location. However, the stories of shoebox living in a place as densely populated as Tokyo is all true. I’m currently living in a ~1.5M x ~2M studio, and this includes a fridge, kitchenette, full length mirror, vacuum cleaner, double bed, and a desk – it’s not ideal but hey, it works. The washroom is something similar to an airplane washroom, just not as grosss and has a bath tub. I’m very impressed by their economical sense. I thought Ho Chi Minh City, which looks way more dense in population, had tiny apartments, but this is another level. But hey, it’s clean, centralized and the price is right – $40 a night. Not cheap but considering a capsule hotel is around $60 it’s great.

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  • February 13, 2018

    Alternative Realities

    As I make my way from the honeymoon capital of Da Lat into the mountainous region of the Central Highlands, it became apparent that much of the country is still stuck in a time warp. Skidding through the dilapidated roads, from the vantage of my Nouvo, I watched as men and boys shovel dirt onto the back of trucks while the sun beamed down. A short distance away, a pack of children no older than five are running along the fields giggling among themselves, enjoying the freedom of innocence and youth.

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  • February 07, 2018

    Vietnam Cafes and the Chasm of Cultural Appeal

    I think a very special attribute that’s unique to Vietnam is their love for cafes. The ubiquity of coffee shops around the entire country is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else. In the bigger cities like Saigon, Da Nang and Ha Noi, you can find more than one cafe on every single block – and these aren’t just copy and pasted generic joints either. There’s creativity to every shop as they try to differentiate themselves from the thousands of others. There are mega cafes that replicate mini-villages, European-style cafes that are fully equipped with heavy duty espresso machines, and even cat cafes where you can play with kitties while you enjoy your java. It’s a full on display of passion and aesthetics, and what’s more impressive, all of these cafes are consistently occupied with people at all times of the day.

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